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Our 2016
Summer Staff!

The coolest people in the world!
(Until we hire our 2017 staff!)

Front row (left to right): Beth Ehlers (Executive Director), Savana Dorsey, Ben Wilson, Emma Arickx, Grace Mills, Emily Dodd, Hallie Lutter, Hope Mills, Leigh Carson

Back row (left to right): George Hayward-Meek, Stephanie Ehlers, Will Larson, Tom Elkington, Harry Gabe


Are you willing to take a leap of faith and experience a rare opportunity to serve God, learn and practice useful skills, and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime?

Lakeshore Center is looking for you. We need fun, adventurous, and hardworking people 18 and older who love serving God, playing with youth, and making magic happen.

Why should you spend a summer working at camp?

      Faith:    Experience the life-changing love of God while working in an intentional Christian community set on creating The Kingdom here on Earth. Grow and deepen your faith with daily bible study, weekly book clubs, and an honest and prayerful community. At Lakeshore, we want our campers to know that it is ok to ask questions and the best way to do that is to have a staff that is not afraid to ask those questions themselves.

      FriendsNowhere else will you form such strong and lasting bonds as you will while working at camp. The comradery and teamwork necessary for a summer of living and working together forms each summer staff into a cohesive group bonded through common trials, successes, and faith. These are the kinds of friendships that can last a lifetime.

      Fun:  Where else in the world will you get to splash around in the lake, run until you’re winded in capture the flag, complete team-building obstacle courses, and laugh at campfire skits until your sides hurt WHILE GETTING PAID? Not only will you be having a blast at camp, you will be guaranteeing that campers will be having the greatest times of their lives.

But what about a “real job”?

Counseling is a real job! Just because you’re not stuck in a stuffy office and wearing a uniform doesn’t make camp any less professionally rewarding than any other job. It can often be more rewarding than a “conventional” summer job. Build your resume through leadership training, problem solving, consensus building, strategic planning, and compromise. Get school credit by talking with your school about turning a summer with us into an internship. Make your resume more unique to employers with experiences and skills that tell a story and set you apart.

Check out our video to see what being a counselor is like!


Application Details

Lakeshore Center at Okoboji is seeking applicants for:

Group counselors,

Health Care Manager, 

Waterfront Director,

Program Assistant,

Worship Coordinator,

Store Manager

All applicants for residential staff must be 18 years of age by June 1, 2017.  Those seeking a position at Lakeshore Center at Okoboji should be available for work from May 29, 2017 until August 7, 2017.  Additional weekends may be required for lifeguard training, high challenge training, or other necessary course work.

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