Creating Possibilities.........Together


  While receiving an annual operating subsidy from the presbyteries and fees for use of the facilities, Lakeshore Center at Okoboji relies on the time and energy of volunteers and the generous support of those who understand the importance of the Lakeshore Center.  For years, Lakeshore Center has operated with minimal long-range financial and facility planning.  The substantial completeion of the long-awaited Lodge has been a great blessing.  There is a "new day dawning" as Lakeshore expands ministries into year-round retreats and conferences as well as active summer camps. The possibilities for growing potential ministries at this gorgeous slice of creation are endless.

It is not unusual for an ambitious building program to experience a critical time to finance the building completion and the start-up of new operations.  Increased donations are needed during this transition period until additional programming and retreat use fully utilize this lovely year-round facility.  Your strong support during the next three years is critical to insure the day-to-day operation of Lakeshore Center.  Personnel (board, staff, and volunteers) will then be able to concentrate on areas of program and facility needs vital to Lakeshore's ministries.

The board and staff are committed to being good stewards of all resources provided.  Your donations are especially needed to fund an additional expenses during this growing period.  Specifically, Lakeshore Center is in need of funding for:
        *  Additional staff to plan, implement, and support new ministries
        *  Maintenance that has been deferred for years on our cabins and other buildings on site.  Especially, we would like to make the Chapel more energy efficient so that it can be effectively used all year round.
        *  Debt retirement of the Lakeview Lodge construction loan

Many of our guests develop a special relationship with Lakeshore Center.  For some, we are family -- a place for reunion, rejuvenation, and celebration.  Many experience transformational experiences at camps and retreats.  For all, it is a place where one can reconnect with or discover God's presence in one's life.

We invite you to deepen your relationship with Lakeshore Center by partnering in the ministry for the future.  Thank you for your generosity and for continuing to make a difference.  Your donation helps to preserve the facilities and expand the ministry that impacts so many lives.